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About us

Who are we?

Three laughing girlfriends

Together with the local associations and liturgy groups we offer discrete social and financial help. Help-seeking people can always contact us online or in our facility. Our actions are based on a Christian, life-affirming attitude.

Gemeinschaft - Verantwortung - Kommunikation

Our cantonal executive board

Margrit Ulrich-Roos

Margrit Ulrich-Roos, president

Tanja Ziegler

Tanja Ziegler, vice-president

We are here for you!

Claudia is Tuesday here: Zeughausgasse 9, Zug. Appointments can be scheduled


Tel: 0417102787

Eva-Maria Janutin, Public

Eva-Maria Janutin, Public


Claudia Ritter,
Branch Manager

Claudia Ritter,

Branch Manager

“THANK YOU – small words with a big impact.
Much positive and nice develops in the women’s community in Zug every year. At this point I, the president of the Kantonalen Frauenbundes want to say a special thank you to the resort women, contact women, presidents and board members and to all, who support us through their amazing volunteer work.

Especially precious are the moments when words, looks and gestures build a bridge from one person to another.

As the cantonal association of the women’s communities, the ZKF, which is rooted in the canton, provides a large amount of volunteer work.“

We are active!

We strongly advocate for the concerns of women, regardless of age, religion and nationality. It is important to us to solve current problems and improve the future and to encourage all women to think and act confidently and independently. We are committed to gender equality in family, society, education, work and church. Together we live openness and tolerance and fight social problems.

Our local associations

They belong to the Kanton Zug. They work independently, however are still connected to the ZKF and thus to the umbrella association of the Schweizerischen Katholischen Frauenbunds SKF. In the canton there are active 13 women’s associations.

Click on the respective community to go to the website of the local association located there.

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Anmeldung zum NewsLetter Zuger Kantonaler Frauenbund

Unser NewsLetter erscheint rund sechs Mal im Jahr und teilt mit Dir schöne Frauengeschichten, berührende und spannende Begegnungen, Weiterbildungen, Zugerisches, das Allerneuste aus dem ZKF aber auch Unkonventionelles und Tabuisiertes.

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