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Our offers:

Ursi's sewing courses

Nähkurs/Sewing course
Get creative!

Our sewing courses are very popular. They enhance the community and give the chance to learn new skills. That is what we want to make possible for the women.

You can sew whatever your heart desires and all participants can sew whatever they feel like.

If you have any difficulties, you can always approach the course instructor Ursula Keller. She is a certified dipl. couture dressmaker with numerous training courses.

Women with self-sewn masks
Star Wars fashion show

Every three years, the participants become models and present their selfmade clothes in a fashion show. Donations to this event are fully integrated in the Weihnachtsbriefkasten budget. Take part!

Take part!

We would love to hear from you!

Zeughausgasse 9, Zug

Course schedule:
Monday 08.30 – 11.30//18.00 – 21.00
Wednesday 18.00 – 21.00
Thursday 08.30 – 11.30//18.00 – 21.00

Open atelier:
On request, Ursula Keller opens her sewing studio to all sewing enthusiasts.

Course Fees:
Our sewing classes are reasonably priced and are booked in semester or quarterly sessions.
You can join the course at any time!

Course à 3 hours CHF 29.50 33.00
Course à 2 hours CHF 19.65 22.00

Nähkurs/Sewing course

Did you know?

… Ursula Keller was a guest at “Treffpunkt” on the topic “People make clothes” and talks there (in German) about her sewing course.

Weihnachtsbriefkasten/Christmas mailbox

Weihnachtsbriefkasten/Christmas mailbox
Share joy!

Christmas is the time of rest and contemplation. Family and friends come together, people take care of each other. Unfortunately, however, not everyone can spend the holidays this carefree.

Wrapped gifts for the Christmas mailbox

In Zug, there are people living at the minimum income level and families who cannot afford the most basic necessities. In 1996 we founded the Christmas mailbox to give joy to those who were looking for help. Thanks to loyal donors, we help about 650 neighbors each year with living, therapy and medical expenses. We also fulfill the dreams of children.

The Rotary-Club-Zug-Zugersee yearly finances us ca. 5 tons of groceries. Those are wrapped up festively and personally delivered to around 170 addresses.

The volunteer contact women also help. They offer talks, visits and tips and thus brighten up the festive season.

Wrapped gifts for the Christmas mailbox
The Christmas mailbox helpers pack a bunch of presents

We thank all of our supporters!

Donations for the Weihnachtsbriefkasten here:
Zuger Kantonalbank
CH 53 0078 7007 7179 6710 4


Immediate help
Being there for eachother!

For help-seekers:

Our initiative “Nothilfe” is open all year round and to anyone seeking help. Here you can find discrete, fast and unbureaucratic support

If you are in immediate danger, call here:

Swiss emergency hotline: 117

You need mental help?
You are subjected to physical or psychological violence or want to escape a toxic relationship? We help people who are exposed to any kind of abuse.

Read more

If you need mental support, good advice or just someone to talk to, we are here for you!

You need financial help?

Wether it is a dentist bill, a school trip, warm clothes or an educational course. If you are in need of financial support, we will help you out gladly!

You need company?

We offer an array of courses so you can educate yourself and connect with others. If you need a break, you can also join our popular sewing course, our November meetings or you can contact us for further information.

Contact us: Phone number: 041 710 27 87

E-Mail: Instagram: @zugerkantonalerfrauenbund

If you are outside the canton Zug we cannot take your concerns.

For help-givers:

Since 1915, our “Nothilfe” initiative (formerly mothers’ aid) has been supporting people in difficult situations in a humane and uncomplicated way. For that, neither religion nor nationality are important.

Eventhough we have a good social system in Switzerland, single people and families get into distressing situations without being at fault. We decided to counter that!

The “Nothilfe” intiative is financed by the Mother’s Day offerings of the Catholic parishes in the canton of Zug and additional valuable donations from private individuals, associations and companies.

Our initative “Nothilfe” processes requests from people seeking help all year round. Mostly it is unforeseen events such as the loss of a job, illness and other emergency situations. For example, there is no money for a dental bill, to attend a school trip, warm shoes and winter clothing, the cost of the nursery or for a continuing education course for reintegration. We are here to help people in these situations. Whether it be through offers online and in our facility, monetary donations or human interaction.

You can donate to us here:

Zuger Kantonalbank

CH48 0078 7402 1710 1509 3


Knowledge makes us strong!

To us it is important that our range of further education is large and very diverse. The training courses are intended to strengthen the competence and motivation of the women in their voluntary work.

The courses for our board women are day courses for presidents and accurators. We also offer communication and conflict management courses as well as offers for cashiers and auditors. There are also lectures and further education where women of the association can participate.

The main topics are health, art & culture and also religious questions.
Women and church

Women and church
Belief bonds together!

Even if the -K- in our name does not mean Katholisch (catholic) anymore and instead Kantonal (cantonal), our Christian beliefs are still an underlying foundation.

Thus we enable active contacts to other local associations and lithurgy groups. Together we talk about spiritual topics as to represent our religious spirit.

For the liturgy groups we organize regular meetings in the Katechetischen Arbeitsstelle des Dekanats Zug (KAZ) for an exchange about religious and current questions.

Novembertagungen/November meetings

Novembertagungen/November meetings
Showing interest!

Information is an important part of our lives and it is one of our most important values. Knowledge enables us to recognize problems and change the world.

Through competent speakers, we want to enable you to experience diverse lectures. Some of them are more practical, with topics such as health and sports. But there are also creative and cultural topics.

November meetings are available to all!

Nostalgia Choir Extension

Nostalgie-Chor/ Nostalgia-choir
Sing along!

What‘s a life without music? The nostalgia choir revives old songs and a variety of feelings.

With melodies of the old Vienna time, well-known operettas, and evergreens of the 1920-50s, the choir ladies have a wide repertoire.

There are songs like: „Tulpen aus Amsterdam“, „S‘ Träumli“ or „In einer kleinen“ and many more!

Dressed in elegant gowns made of frills, with little hats and bags from that era, the audience will experience a trip back to the „Belle Epoque“.

You want to sing along -
or book us for your events?

Contact the choir ladies:
Silke Röbig, President 041 720 02 73

Rosmarie Rütschi, Vice-President
041 761 44 01


Our practices take place every 14 days.
Location: Ref. Kirchgemeindehaus
Time: 14:00 – 15:30

Helpful websites/ advice centers:

Community social services
Office for Child and Adult Protection
041 723 79 70

Unemployment Fund ALK
041 728 37 40

Ausgleichskasse Zug
041 560 47 00

041 727 61 89

ProArbeit Zug
041 725 33 70

Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungszentrum RAV
041 728 25 88

Social Services Asylum
041 728 48 00

Social Services Asylum
041 728 48 00

disability, illness
Alzheimervereinigung Zug,
office and advice center
041 760 05 60

Counseling for the hard of hearing and
041 228 63 39

Diabetes Society Zug
041 727 50 64

Curative Education Service Zug
041 728 75 55

Hospice Zug, accompaniment of seriously ill and dying people
079 324 64 46

Insieme Cerebral Zug
041 710 85 00

IV-Stelle Zug
041 560 47 00

Palliativ Zug, consultation for
seriously ill people
041 729 29 20

Pro Infirmis, Beratungsstelle Zug
058 775 23 23

Profil – work & Handicap
041 725 36 56

Spitex Kanton Zug
041 729 29 29

addiction counseling
041 728 39 39

Alimony collection and advance payment office in Zug
041 725 26 20

Counseling/accompaniment Individual, couple and family counseling Triangel
041 728 80 80

Elterncoaching punkto
041 767 75 00

Parent emergency call (outside opening hours)
0848 35 45 55

Parent and family counseling
041 767 75 00

Children in view (KiB) for separated parents
041 767 75 00

Counseling for mothers and fathers
041 767 75 00

Couple and family counseling
041 725 26 60

prenatal diagnosis
041 725 26 40

Sexual and pregnancy counseling
041 725 26 40

Adoption Center
041 723 79 84

Vocational and study advice
of the canton of Zug
041 728 32 18

Jugendberatung Triangel
041 728 80 80

Jugendwohnungen punkto
041 767 75 00

Kinder- und Jugendberatung punkto
041 767 75 00

Medienberatung punkto
041 767 75 00

Counseling for mothers and fathers
041 767 75 00

Telefon helpline 147

Die Dargebotene Hand

Parent emergency call (outside opening hours)
0848 35 45 55

Women house Luzern
041 360 70 00

Frauenhaus Zug (HfF)
041 727 76 86

Victim consultation
041 725 26 50

budget advice
041 728 80 70

Specialist office for vocational qualifications for adults
041 728 32 18

Cantonal data protection officer
041 728 31 87

KISS Genossenschaft Cham, Nachbarschaftshilfe
076 443 38 58

KISS Genossenschaft Zug, Nachbarschaftshilfe
076 283 50 90

Career advice for adults
041 728 32 18

Ombudsstelle Kanton Zug
041 711 71 45

Pro Senectute Zug
041 727 50 50

Debt advice triangle
041 728 80 80

Self help Zug
041 728 80 75

Social consultation Leuchtturm
041 727 60 70

Scholarship Office Kanton Zug
041 728 31 91

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Immediate help


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